Requirement engineering support

German customers will provide a scope description of their project and resources needed. Requirement engineering experts of Tech216 will analyse the project scope, if needed, delivering documented system requirement specifications.

Training and qualification tailored to client needs and identified gap

The Tech216 core team will identify specific training and capacity building needs for the pilot phase. This will include the learnings from the test phase (2019-2020 through the BMW projects). Capacity building cover “cultural alignment”, “problem solving” and may be “proactive project management” and “advanced project leadership” capabilities. Need for this type of capacity building will need to be proven during the pilot phase.

Discovery tours (on site or virtual)

Virtual and real discovery tours and B2B events will be organized for customers ready to engage with an identified project scope. This package includes pitching sessions by IT service providers supported by IT specialists. Purpose of this discovery tour is to narrow down a short list of IT service provider pre-qualification. Fees incurred by discovery tours (T&E) are covered by German customers.

Matching with IT services providers and partner due diligence

Tech216 cooperates in Tunisia with IT service providers that go through a technical validation process of the product/service they provide. This includes the validation of the company structure, team compliance, reference projects, professional project management skills as well as individual qualification interviews of selected resources.